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Looking for that new addition to your family?  

Bringing a new puppy or dog into your family is a large emotional, mental, physical, and financial responsibility. You should seriously consider all aspects of adding a pup/dog to your family, and, the new pup/dog SHOULD be considered a part of your family. All family member should be in agreement about this responsibility. If even ONE member is opposed or not totally supportive, you are asking for trouble. You will be brining a pup/dog into a NO WIN situation. This will create a stressful situation and the pup/dog will experience the negative fallout. Be certain you have carefully researched different breeds and the care of the pup to find the breed that fits your family, personality routine, and lifestyle. 

​Prospective Westie owners should take the Westie Profiler on the WHWTCA Home Page. We should not be a DISPOSABLE DOG society. The best analogy for adding a pup to your home is that their needs, training, and care will closely parallel those of an infant or toddler.

Once you have successfully gone through the above process and have selected a breed you must find "reputable" breeders of that breed. Purchasing a pup/dog from a pet store or backyard breeder is asking for problems and very possibly heartache. A "reputable" breeder will interview you, the perspective owner, almost as stringently as you interview them. Be aware that purchasing a pup/dog from a reputable breeder will cost more money than your other options. However, the money and emotional trauma you are likely to experience and expend with the other options more than justifies the extra cost.
Once you are dealing with a reputable breeder(s), you will be ready to select a pup/dog. I tell people that the pups/dogs are never wrong. When you go see them, ONE will select you. They KNOW!!! I recommend letting the pup/dog select you. Also, let me dispel a myth...most people think that the females are sweeter, more affectionate, and easier to train. The reality with most breeds is that the males (as a general rule) tend to be more affectionate and easier to train. Both genders are wonderful

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