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Who We Are

L​isa and Lou Pacheco

Hello, my wife Lisa and I are from Raynham, MA.  Lisa is the westie person in our family and her entire life revolves around her beloved breed.  Lisa has been breeding and showing westies for over 20 years.  I am a retired Police Chief currently working for the local District Attorney's office.  We also have a family owned and run small business called Champion Pet Care.  Lisa runs the business and uses it quite often to care for and place westie rescue dogs.  That program is overseen by our local West Highland White Terrier Club of New England.  Both Lisa and I have served on the board and in many different capacities with the Club with the hope that we help foster quality breeding of good temperament West Highland White Terriers.  Lisa believes that as conscientious breeders and owners we have an obligation to give "back to the breed" by finding loving homes for westies that find their way to rescue.  She demonstrates that commitment by working with other volunteers from our Club and they have been quite successful over the years.

In our "other life" in the Westie show arena we have teamed up with Deb Sullivan to compete with other fine westie breeders around this country and in Europe.  Much of what we do showing and breeding is captured on these pages.  The three of us have one thing in common, we all want to produce beautiful healthy West Highland White Terriers with good temperaments.  Please take a few minutes to look around our website.  If you love westies or even if you are new to the breed, take a few minutes to see how we are doing and feel free to contact us with questions.

Deborah Sullivan​​

My life with Westies began 25 years ago when I began looking for a smaller companion dog for my first dog a Samoyed.  The description of the westie personality intrigued me immediately an soon I had my first westie.  After years of having westies, I met Lisa Pacheco through our husbands and came to her to groom and board my pet westies.  My time spent taking dogs with Lisa was cherished because she was the first person who I could enjoy "talking westie"with.  Several years later, my husband came home and asked me if I wanted a new puppy for my birthday.  Never saying no to a puppy, Lisa had a singleton puppy who was looking for a home.  That puppy, Dolly, was the connection that started a wonderful friendship.  I let Lisa know I was interested in learning how to hand strip my dog and she agreed to mentor me.  Dolly was not meant to be a show dog, but she was the first dog that I learned to groom and show.  Soon I had my first show quality dog to work with in the show ring and I was bitten by the show bug!  Since that time, I have expanded my horizons and have bred westies as well, always with the same philosophy as Lisa and Lou, producing beautifully structured dogs with good health and temperaments.  I am a member of the West Highland White Terrier Club of England, the West Highland White Terrier Club of America and the West Highland White Terrier Club of New England.

Lisa & Lou Pacheco and Deborah Sullivan

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